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I welcome you to SilverBlood.Net also known as Bloody network, the online home to Saya and her sites. This is the place which will lead you to other places, because this is the HQ, the heart of Saya's network.

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I'm going to be my own kind of princess

I'll try to be short, here I'll talk a little about myself, about how we came to this domain, and some history of it. Then I'll have credits for this layout.

This domain was bought on 29th July 2004, so this summer it passed 15 years from when I got it. I remember I got it, because I wanted a domain of my own, even if my then boyfriend (now lot of exs behind), offered me a subdomain on his. But we were just braking up, so I didn't want to have any ties with him. I registred it firstly on GoDaddy an then soon after Namecheap opened, I moved it to there. The name was a combination of names I came up but they were all taken. I'm wanted SilverMoon or BloodyMoon, BloodyRed and then it came out SilverBlood. Yeah, stupid, I know.

The bloody owner

There is actually not much to say about the owner. Anyway I'm Saya, it wasn't the first nick name I used, before that I was know as Mokuren or simply Moku online, but then I don't remember why I passed to Saya. Borh on 23rd December 1980, I started early with learning how to move around internet, and started with making pages around 2000, then stopped, then restarted around 2003-2004; and then back when I started more seriously with the fanlistings in 2007, where I improved my coding skills...

Things have changed a little, I am not single anymore; I moved to France to be with my better half and Bonnie, my ferret joined me here too, unfortunatly Clyde died of cancer in September 2015.

I am mom to a spendid girl, who is named Maya, she was born in summer 2018 and we are waiting for arrival of a baby boy, who should show himself up in February 2020.

I'm not in to the anime anymore as I was years back, still love to read a good manga, or at least, re-read stuff from years ago. And my favorite character stays Yuuko from XXXHOLiC.


This layout was made done by Saya. The fonts are from dafont. The header image is various art from Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. Everything related to Sailor Moon on this page is (C) Naoko takeuchi

Light and darkness are always side-by-side.


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