The gears of change

This is the place that leads you to various diferent places, owned by me. Most of the pages are indeed shrines, but I have divided this page in sections. The domains I own (not all, because two will be linked under Shrines), are the first to be seen, here directly, then under them are the links to Shrines - these are those I still slowly work on; and those are online. The Projects are the shrines (or other kind of sites) that are potential or I have started working on them, but they aren't online yet. The in Archive you will find the static sites, or shrines I have no inntention updating anymore, in anyway (it's possible I will one day get something from there and update it) and the last one Other are all the other stuff that has nothing to do with shrines.

Bloody network

Other destiantions

shrines I made
maybe future shrines or sites
shrines long just one page
everything else that's not shrines